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School Facilities

Artist Impression of the school building


New Generation Primary School Facilities



A Tour of Our School


 Art Room  Band room  Bouldering Corner
Art Room Band Room Bouldering Corner
 CCE Alive  Classroom  Digital Den red
CCE Alive Classroom Digital Den Red
 Digital Den Blue  Digital Storytelling Room(Classroom)  Digital Storytelling Room
Digital Den Blue Digital Story Room (Classroom) Digital Story Room (Studio)
 eLF Loft  Exploring English Tree House  Garden
eLF Loft Exploring English Tree House Garden
 Innovation Room  Language Room 1  Language Room 2
Innovation Room Language Room 1 Language Room 2
 Language Room 3  Let's Chill Corner  Library
Language Room 3 Let’s Chill Corner Library
 LSP Room  LSM Room  Maths Corner
LSP Room LSM Room Maths Corner
 Music Room  NE Gallery  Parade Square
Music Room NE Gallery Parade Square
 Playground  Science Lab  Science Corner
Playground Science Lab Science Corner
 SFE Room  Space  Teaching Lab
SFE Room SPACE Teaching Lab
 ViSTA Corner  20170719_094713 20170719_094802
ViSTA Corner  Basketball Court  Canteen
20170719_094854 20170719_094943 20170719_095040
ISH School Hall Dental Clinic
20170719_095136 20170719_095416 20170719_095657
Bookshop Rec Hub Sky Garden
20170719_095249 20170719_095848 20170719_095736
Student Care Centre Learning Space 1    Learning Space 2