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Strong Fundamentals, Future Learning

Strong Fundamentals, Future Learning guides the learning framework in Frontier Primary School. This maxim underpins the holistic education that Frontier provides to better prepare our pupils to thrive in a fast-changing and highly-connected world. As the group of pioneer teachers of the school sit together and plan the school’s directions, we are cognisant that we want our pupils to be grounded with strong fundamentals so that they can partake in future learning. We want our pupils to be able to be ready and excel in the 21st century.

In Frontier, teaching and learning in the school will be deep and mindful. Good learning is not always speedy; it is reflective. We want our pupils to be able to reflect, to discover and even to slow down at times and exercise metacognition. In this way, creativity in the pupils and breakthroughs can be fostered and learning deepens. This will be how we lay strong fundamentals for our pupils. As teachers, we will facilitate the process through deliberate pedagogy. Teachers will work in thoughtful communities where they will collaborate with like-minded colleagues to ensure good professional practices and innovation that meet the needs of our pupils are applied.  Our framework to enhance the development of 21st century competencies in our pupils can be summed up in CLAPS.


i)    Cognitive Pursuits
a.    We want our pupils to possess strong fundamentals in literacy and numeracy.

ii)    Leadership Practices
b.   We want our pupils to be given responsibility so that they have authentic experience of being a
leader. Our pupils should acquire the instincts to become a good leader.

iii)    Aesthetics Passion
c.    We want our pupils to be confident and inculcate a cultured perspective. Our pupils must learn
that seeing beauty, having awe, experiencing transcendence, and appreciating those timeless
“truths” which have inspired and sustained individuals and cultures are a natural part of life.

iv)    PERI
d.    We want our pupils to be holistically developed through the array of PERI programmes such as PAL
and sports.

v)    Socio-emotional Well-being
e.    We want every pupil to learn about themselves and be given the chance to interact with their
peers. We want our pupils to have strong self-concept by developing their Socio-emotional
learning competencies.

Parents and school must work together to educate our children and achieve the pupil outcomes. For this to happen, a community of collaboration and trust with parents and stakeholders need to be fostered. The school hopes to be a catalyst to inspire our stakeholders to join us in the quest to develop our pupils holistically. Together, we are confident that we will be able to cultivate leadership, creativity and the spirit of excellence in our pupils.

We want to build a quality school experience for the pupils that our pupils will always remember their primary schools days as one of their happiest and meaningful in their lives, even after they have completed their schooling. We hope and trust that our pupils will view school as a process of learning, and not just a building. If we can achieve that, we can then say to ourselves that we have done our job well.