PAM Splash 2019

Frontier’s PAM (PE, Art, Music) Splash is an annual Sports & Aesthetics event collaboratively put together by the PE, Art and Music Departments. Each year, Frontierers get to experience Sports, Art and Music activities based in a country in a different continent. This year PAM Splash is on the continent, Africa. 

For the PE booths, pupils were exposed to games played by Africans long ago, which dated all the way back to ancient history. Pupils played Jukskei and Hoop Rolling. Both activities help reinforce the fundamental movement skills that pupils had learnt during PE lessons as they engaged themselves at the target (Jukskei) and rolling (Hoop Rolling)  game booths.

The Art booths emphasized on African Art and its culture. The activities included printing of Kente Cloths, and the making of Maasai Necklaces and BaKongo Masks. Through the process of creating these artworks, it sought to expose pupils to the elements of Art such as lines, shapes, colours and textures. Putting their art knowledge and skills learnt during Art lessons into practice at the various Art booths, pupils took back with them an unforgettable and enriching experience, learning about the rich African culture as well as expressing their creativity with art-making.

As for Music,  Frontierers got to enjoy making the Skekere and Kazoo; instruments deeply rooted in West African origin. They also got to play various songs on the Kalimba and experiment with Djembe rhythms in groups. An exciting line-up of singing, dancing and instrumental DANCEFRONT performances has allowed pupils to showcase their talent and demonstrate support for their peers. These experiences not only engage our pupils actively, it helped to develop their appreciation of the performing arts, improve their showmanship as well as increase their confidence levels. To mark the end of the week-long PAM Splash event, pupils got to enjoy Milo beverages through the Milo Van which was set up on the final day.

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