Maths and Science Week 2019

Frontier Primary School is proud to organise the Math & Science Week for our pupils this term. Our pupils  had a unique recess experience as they immersed themselves in a variety of activities organised by the Math & Science Departments. The diverse learning experiences provided opportunities for pupils to synthesize knowledge from both subjects and apply them to real life situations in a fun and enjoyable manner.

With the theme ‘Brave New Frontiers’ for this year, pupils were encouraged to take ownership of their own learning through exploration and experimentation.  Pupils demonstrated this through various science projects which they have carried out either on their own or with their peers. Pupils also had opportunities to view cells under a microscope, and learnt more about the biodiversity of Singapore through posters by Nparks. They also get to apply their estimation and measurement skills and put their spatial visualization skills to the test. It is heartening to see our PPC coming in to support the recess activities as well.