P5 Camp 2019

This year, the Primary 5 pupils went for their P5 Outdoor Adventure Camp 2019 at Boys’ Brigade Girls’ Brigade Sembawang Campsite between 4 April 2019 to 6 April 2019. The theme “I am the difference” was chosen for this year’s camp, where the pupils were encouraged to exemplify the value of Resilience as they went on to overcome the physical and environmental challenges during their stay. The objectives of the camp were to allow the pupils to experience and appreciate the outdoor activities and build bonds with their fellow campmates.  Camp highlights included activities such as the Challenge Rope Course (CRC), Abseiling, Zip line, “Tree Climbing”, Outdoor Cooking as well as the Sembawang Challenge, Night Trail, Tent Pitching, and the Campfire.

The pupils reported for school on Thursday morning and departed for the campsite shortly after. At the campsite, the cohort was split into 2 halves: where the half of the cohort went off to pitch their accommodation tents, whereas the other half checked in to the dormitories. Tent pitching was something most of the pupils had never experienced or done before. After lunch, the cohort began their respective activities. The first day ended with a night trail within the campsite where pupils had to utilize their other senses, except for sight, to move around. It was a harrowing experience for some.

Throughout the duration of the camp, pupils were treated to a host of interesting activities – instead of the usual Rockwall Climbing activity, this campsite offered Tree Climbing which was unique to this campsite. The outdoor cooking activity also required our pupils to construct a makeshift oven where they attempted to bake muffins, cook pancakes and muah chee. Our Principal, Vice-Principals and teachers graced the campfire with their presence. After Mrs Chua opened with the lighting of the campfire, attendees were treated to a whole host of performances by the various groups which were enjoyed and appreciated by all. The evening ended with a high as a cohort dance was performed by our P5 pupils as part of our Learning for Life Programme – DANCEFRONT. Our Vice-Principals Mr Syamsul and Mrs Chai closed the campfire with the symbolic act of extinguishing the flame.

On Saturday, after area cleaning and striking down of tents, affirmation and recognition was given to 34 pupils who demonstrated exemplary qualities of resilience, responsibility and respect during the camp. Congratulations to all our P5 campers who had gone through the entire camp experience and for the treasured memories that they had created for one another.