Cyber Wellness Week 2019

We had our Cyber Wellness week from 9 to 11 April this year. Pupils had fun experiences during their recess time as they attempted to ace the games. Pupils were treated to a variety of beautiful posters created by our past cohort of Primary 6 pupils on the topic of Cyber Contacts and Copyrights.

One of the activities challenged the pupils to balance many dices on the ice cream stick. They then learnt that each die represented an activity in their daily life and found that it was no easy feat to balance so many activities after school. They also had fun trying their best at multi-tasking. They jogged, counted and read a poem all at the same time. Many pupils learnt that it was hard trying to do so. Also, they achieved nothing in the end.

Some pupils tried their hand in identifying fake news from the real ones. It was not easy to be S.U.R.E. about their choices and some pupils managed to crack the case. They were able to pick out suspicious clues that led them to cracking the case.

On the last day, the pupils had a shot at the online quiz challenge on the iPads. Many pupils were happy to find that they were good at staying safe online and were making good choices with their time spent online. Other pupils watched a video on identifying fake news and took a quiz to see how much they had learn to identify fake news.

The pupils had a fruitful time playing and learning during the Cyber Wellness Week this year. Don’t forget to stay safe, be kind and be smart online.