Santa Laurensia Visit 2019

On 1 April 2019, Frontier Primary School received special guests from Indonesia. We welcomed a total of 33 pupils and 3 staff who had come to experience the school life in Singapore. The pupils were paired with buddies from our Primary 5 Resilience classes, where they had first hands experience learning in our classrooms. The Santa Laurensia pupils were brought along by their buddies to mingle with the other pupils during the recess periods.


On the first day of their visit here, they had been welcome to the accompaniment of the kompang played by our Malay pupils. They also had the opportunity to be involved in the International Friendship Day concert where, apart from our school performance, they had displayed their very own traditional dance. They also shared with the whole school something about their country and area that they came from.


The pupils had the opportunity to do a mask that depicts their friendship that was formed during this visit.

The whole visit ended with the pupils and staff being invited to a farewell lunch where both parties showcased more performances. Before the final farewell, gifts were exchanged between both parties. This had surely been a memorable experience for both our visitors and pupils. We hope to see them again in the coming years to come.