Sports Day 2019

Frontier Primary ended Term 1 with our annual Sports Day for Primary 4 to 6 pupils on 15 March 2019. The event kicked off with a lesson on “resilience” before transiting to the interclass competition, which comprised of a 4v4 territorial/ invasion competition at the Indoor Sports Hall (ISH), and relay matches which was conducted at the school hall. The atmosphere was hyped up with video game music and a live broadcast as each match-up was announced.


Our sporting Frontierers were full of optimism and resilience as they gave it their all for every event and enjoyed themselves amidst cheers and competition. Our Frontierers made us proud as they displayed grace by congratulating the winners. For a number of pupils, the event would certainly be a memorable one for them as this was where they won their very first medal. Congratulations to everyone for making the event a success, ending Term 1 on a high note.