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Home-Based Learning (HBL) for Primary 1 to 3 pupils on 15 March 2019

All Primary 1 to 3 pupils need not come to school on 15 March 2019 as the Primary 4 to 6 pupils will be having their Sports Day on that day.  They will be given tasks online via the School Learning Space (SLS) portal. Their login details should have been recorded on Page 31 of their Student Handbook.

HBL allows the flexibility for pupils to complete their learning at their own pace. We believe that pupils will be gainfully engaged while developing the value of self-directed learning through work assigned. Thus, pupils are expected to complete all online tasks assigned to them.

Please refer to the attached guides for reference:

Please contact the following personnel via email during school hours should your child/ward require assistance on logging on to the School Learning Space (SLS) portal.