National Day

Happy 57th Birthday, Singapore!  

We commemorated National Day as a school yesterday! This was the first time since the pandemic that we gathered physically in the school hall as a school community for a celebratory event.  

The day started with differentiated class-based activities, where our students were encouraged to participate in a nationwide initiative – #PledgeSG Movement. The lower primary students penned down their personal pledges to Singapore on handprint cut-outs. These pledges symbolised their willingness to contribute to the community and country. Our upper primary students created ‘Bottles of Gratitude’ by filling their personal recycled bottles with colourful stars. These stars were made from coloured papers penned with their personal pledges to Singapore, expression of gratitude to Singapore as well as written notes of appreciation by their peers.  

An atmosphere of expectancy and excitement could be tangibly felt as classes gathered in the hall for the Observance Ceremony and concert programme. Student leaders from our uniformed groups and School eLF council marched in with the national and school flags.  It was a dignified and solemn ceremony, where we sang the National Anthem and recited the pledge with pride and loyalty.  

Frontierers were also highly entertained and engaged by our concert programme in the format of a gameshow titled “Stronger Together, Majulah”. As a school, it allowed students to see how the values embedded in our G.R.E.A.T culture have helped us to emerge stronger from Covid-19.  

Through the fun-filled commemoration, our students gained a richer understanding of the core attributes of Graciousness, Rigour, Enterprise, Affirmation and Thinking. From their high level of engagement, we believe they are all ready to answer the rallying call to forge ahead towards a better future as a united, inclusive and strong school community.  

Stronger Together, Majulah!

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