Make A Difference. Be The Difference.

Teaching Staff


Mdm Aneesah Beevi Bte Asah

"In the words of John Hays Hammond, 'Character is the real foundation of all worthwhile success.' I stand by this belief and hope to provide quality education to nurture wholesome individuals."

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Annie Yee Ms Annie Yee

“'Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.' Benjamin Franklin’s words perfectly capture my beliefs about educating a child. I hope to nurture every child to grow up having a healthy body and a healthy mind.”

Tel ext: 251

Mdm Asmahwaty Binte Abdullah

“I believe that as an educator, it is essential for us to instil in our pupils the right values and to equip them with the necessary life skills so that they will grow up to become responsible individuals.”

Tel ext: 239

Mdm Bek  Lai Lee

“I believe that teaching is not just about teaching a subject but teaching a child. Children can be taught to develop beyond academic areas. I will instill values in them and let them find their strengths and potential gradually, and lead them to the path of success.”

Tel ext: 254

Mr Caleb Chia Jin Guo

“My teaching philosophy is to be consistent in what I expect of my pupils, to be as well prepared as possible so that I can perform my teaching duties well, and to continue to learn as much as I can about my pupils and what I teach.”

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Mr Chen Dun Qiang, Andrew

“Children are special in their very own ways, nurture them well and they will shine one day!”

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Ms Chen Li Li

"Children may stumble but they quickly forget the pain and move on. Children grow from their experiences and they build resilience if we give them a supportive learning environment."

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Ms Chen Peishi

“Knowledge and character – that is the goal of true education.” I stand by this belief and hope to achieve this in all the children I teach. It will take a lot patience and dedication, but the outcomes will make it all worthwhile.”

Tel ext: 258

Ms Cheong Yok Theng Elsa

“I believe the ability to focus, be persistent and engaged in one’s work; to exercise tolerance, cooperation and collaboration; to solve big problems and exercise critical thinking; and to be creative, imaginative and innovative, are the keys to success in life. My goal is to equip my children with these keys.”

Tel ext: 228

Mdm Cheong Yueh Tinng Evelyn

“I enjoy interacting with children and love to see them engaged in classroom activities. I hope to make learning fun for my pupils and help them achieve their full potential.”

Tel ext: 216

  Mdm Chia Tze Miang Rachel

“As a educator, I strive to seize every opportunity to create a teachable moment, to help pupils gain knowledge, acquire communication skills and problem-solving skills without killing the joy of learning. Because Every child has the potential to succeed.”

Tel ext: 289

Mdm Chua Si Wei

“There is a brilliant child in every pupil. Through my teaching, I hope to
bring out the brillance in each of my pupils. I like my pupils to be thoughtful people. Hence, it is important for me to teach the children how to think.”

Tel ext: 233

Mr Derek Lee

"Children are like blank pieces of paper, ready to be influenced and molded by those around them. It is thus vital for the young to have positive role models whom they can look up. I strive to dedicate care and concern towards every child whom I teach."

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Mr Devaraj s/o Nambirajan

"My role as an educator is to encourage minds to think, hands to create and hearts to love."

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Miss Elda Zarifah Binte Zamri

"Each and every child is unique. I believe that as an educator, it is my job to help every child discover the best in them."

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Mr Elliot Ang Yong Siang

“Education seeks not to fill a pail, but to light a fire. I strongly believe that the best learning occurs in a fun and safe environment where pupils can be accepted for who they are regardless of strengths and weaknesses.”

Tel ext: 294

Mrs Ellya Ika Yuni Purnama Yusop

“The most beneficial thing anyone could have is an education enabling them to make the most out of their lives. Rarely was anything revolutionary achieved without a cultivated mind behind it. It is therefore crucial that we gift our children an education that would enable them to fulfill their potential.”

Tel ext: 229

Ms Eulindra Lim Weiqing

“I believe that every child has the ability to excel when provided with adequate support. I endeavour thus to provide this support and help mould the pupils under my charge so that they possess the knowledge and values necessary for them to achieve their best potential in life.”

Tel ext: 296

Mrs Francesca d'Armancourt

"The mind of a child is a boundless universe of imagination, curiosity and knowledge. I believe in opening up enriching experiences and opportunities to develop a child holistically. In discovering their passion and finding joy in learning every day, they can make their dreams become tomorrow's reality."

Tel ext: 211

Mdm Hamimah Sulaiman

“Every child is unique. Hence, as an educator, it is my responsibility to nurture and educate every single one of them to their full potential. I would also like to impart values for pupils to grow well and become excellent all-rounded citizens.”

Tel ext: 283

Ms Harsharan Kaur

“Education should not just be treated as a tool for future economic gains. It should be used to develop the desired characteristics of the society in the future, such as perseverance, lifelong learning and morally upright individuals. It is, therefore, very important to teach our students to fish for themselves, instead of feeding them straightaway.”

Tel ext: 201

Mr Ho Hai Long  Jonathan Tom

“The journey of learning is more important than the final destination. When the learning gets tougher, I will walk this journey with my young learners with a problem solving attitude. Always look for possible solutions to move forward with a thinking mind.”

Tel ext: 287

Ms Huang Fang

“Every child is a unique individual who will excel in his/her own ways. I hope that I can guide my students to achieve their full potential, and develop a positive mindset towards learning, and a strong moral compass.”

Tel ext: 303

Ms Huang Weiling

“To teach and to learn with a heart” is my personal philosophy. I believe that all children are special and so I will guide them to value themselves.”

Tel ext: 297

Mdm Jeeva Rekha d/o Selvam

“I believe that every child can learn when actively engaged.  As an educator, I see it as a challenge to help my pupils take responsibility for their own learning, and gain the knowledge and skills that they require in their daily lives so that they can reach their full potential.”

Ext: 262

Mdm Li Jia Yang

“Every child is unique in his/her learning. It is my desire as an educator to help students meet their fullest potential by providing an environment that is safe, supportive and caring.”

Tel ext: 259

Mr Li Lei

“As a father of two sons, I believe children learn best with patience and guidance. We should always consider each child’s unique character traits and develop their learning potentials.”

Tel ext: 276

  Miss Li Shao Hui

"Every child is unique, and my duty is to discover their potential so that they will shine in their own ways. Personally, I love to learn about new things, and I hope to impart the joy of learning to my pupils!"

Tel ext: 215

Mdm Li Yixian

“I believe in educating the whole child – cognitively, morally, socially, emotionally – through close partnership with the parents, so that our children can grow up to be confident people, self-directed learners, active contributors and concerned citizens, and meet the demands of the 21st century.”

Tel ext: 205

Mdm Liew Mei Lian

“I look forward to teaching the younger ones in Frontier. I am confident that the pupils will have a fruitful time as I explore creative ways to ensure pupils’ learning is a JOYFUL one.”

Tel ext: 265

FTPS - Staff Individual (32 of 68) Ms Lim Jing Xian

“Every child is like a rare gem, waiting to be unearthed and shine brightly. As an educator, I believe that my job is to help them discover their full potential and excel in their own way .”

Tel ext: 261

Mdm Lim Lan Shii

“I believe that every child has their own talent. Our roles as teachers are to respect the unique nature of each child, help them to embark on their freedom journey and provide a joyful supportive learning environment for their learning.”

Tel ext: 277

 lim-suat-peng-tina Mdm Lim Suat Peng Tina

“I believe that every child is unique and teachable. As a teacher, I will inculcate important values in them and impart the necessary skills and knowledge to them. My pupils will have fun and the passion for learning.”

Tel ext: 247

  Mr Lin Renyi

"I believe that everyone is different, physically and mentally. The key to helping each individual is discovering their strengths, and learning styles."

Tel ext: 298

Mdm Liyanna Johan

“Teaching is all about learning and no two days are the same for teachers. I am a firm believer that each child has the potential to shine and as an educator, it is my duty to equip pupils with the knowledge and skills for them to shine. Teaching is a hard job but the rewards gained from this job are truly satisfying and priceless.”

Tel ext: 288

Ms Loh Su-en

“In the words of Aristotle, “educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all”. I aim to help my pupils reach their potential academically, and inculcate strong moral values and character in them as I believe these are what make up the foundation of lasting success.”

Tel ext: 256

  Mdm Magdalein Goh

"Teaching is a calling! It is a passionate call to reach out, to listen, to understand and to love - and in the process to inspire each of my young charges to be the best he or she can be socially, morally and academically, according to each one's innate capacity for learning."

Tel ext: 202

  Mdm Mainah Binte Mohd Yassin

"Every pupil is unique and it matters."

Tel ext: 253

Mr Marcus Goh Choon Peng

“As an educator, I have three main roles: to serve as the light, the compass and the craftsman. The light that guides my student on the path to enlightenment. The compass that points my pupils towards moral righteousness. The craftsman that cuts and polishes them to make each of them shine with their own uniqueness.“

Tel ext: 238

  Mdm Mardiana Binte Abdul Manap

"'Believe you can and you're halfway there.' I believe every child can be successful in pursuing their dreams as long as they are confident and determined learners. Every child can achieve excellence when they have self-belief and determination to overcome challenges.

Tel ext: 266

Mr Mohammed Nidzam Bin Zakariah

“In every student, a teacher plants the seeds of knowledge, sprinkles them with love and patiently nurtures their growth to produce tomorrow’s dreams. I am here to do just that!”

Tel ext: 285

Mr Muhammad Ali Bin Mohamed Yasin

“Everyone deserves a good education and every student has the potential to achieve success in the pursuit of their life’s goals. I believe that we can provide a great education for all in Frontier Primary and in turn I expect great things from our students as they grow.”

Tel ext: 207

Mdm Nancy Lau Leng Leng

“As a educator, I strive to seize every opportunity to create a teachable moment, to help pupils gain knowledge, acquire communication skills and problem-solving skills without killing the joy of learning. Because Every child has the potential to succeed.”

Tel ext: 252

Mr Nathaniel Chia

"Gandhi once said 'Be the change you want to see in the world.' My core belief is to cultivate this in each learner I come across: Be Brave, Be Kind, Be Happy, so that they are able to face adversities in life head-on, cultivate precious relationships, and see the good in any person or situation, and smile."

Tel ext: 301

Mr Nelson Tong Meng Yang

“We lead our students to achieve academic excellence and also inculcate in them values and dispositions so that they have a love for learning, care for the community and vision for the future.”

Tel ext: 225

Mdm Ng Xiao Wei Serene

“I believe that it is important for children to acquire sound values and skills starting at a young age, so that they can live lives as responsible adults and active citizens. I want the children to enjoy learning and become creative and reflective learners.”

Tel ext: 224

  Ms Norazimah Binte Mohamed Senin

"Ariostle once said that “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.”.

As an Art teacher, I ignite the drive and passion for the Arts (Heart), engage the intellect (Head), and provide opportunities for authentic experiences in developing skill sets (Hands)."

Tel ext: 279

Mdm Norhayati Binte Ibnor

“As an educator, I believe that academic achievements and character development are equally important. Children will grow up to be good and useful citizens when we inculcate the right values and habits in them.”

Ext: 282

Mdm Noryanti Mohamed Yahya

"Playing a pivotal role in a child’s education and helping them realize their own potential is my greatest joy in teaching.  I am thankful to my pupils for allowing me to see the different abilities and perspectives of children."

Ext: 268

Mdm Nurashikin Mohamed Zamrabi

"Education is not just about grades: it is about building and nurturing the character of a child. It is also about preparing the child for a changing future. Education should enable the children to grow up to be independent-thinking adults who are resilient in the face of challenges and failure. Education does not stop when school ends: it is a lifelong process."

Ext: 245


Ms Nur Atiqah Syahirah

“Education provides one with the opportunity to think and learn. As we learn, we understand. As we understand, we help. And as we help, we change the world for the better: one action at a time.”

Ext: 223

Mdm Oon Saw Kim Eileen

"I believe that instilling in our children a moral compass that will guide them through life is as important as sparking curiosity and igniting life-long learning in them."

Tel ext: 250

Mr Patrick Chua Cherng Haur

“Our children are crucial future decision makers. Educators and parents must be exemplary role models and work together as partners for their education.”

Tel ext: 230

Ms Peh Shu Yu

“I believe that every child has unlimited possibilities. As an educator, I hope to facilitate children’s knowledge construction, skill acquisition and metacognitive thinking, allowing them to take ownership of their own learning. I also seek to engage children meaningfully, honing them to become enthusiastic learners who enjoy their educational journey and view learning as a life-long process.”

Tel ext: 295

Mr Peter Loh

“I endeavour to be an effective educator by cultivating the right attitude in pupils for holistic growth and continuous learning. I hope to share my passion in Physical Education and instil in pupils the importance of teamwork, sportsmanship, consistency and persistence in the pursuit of goals.”

Tel ext: 236

Mdm Qin Lingjun

"I believe that all children are unique and have something special that they can bring to their own learning. I hope to enable my pupils to be able to  discover and accept their uniqueness, and embracedifferences.”

Tel ext: 272

Miss Rebecca d/o Yoosowah Moses

"Like seeds in good soil, children need to be in good hands."

Tel ext: 221

Ms Roshini Piragasam

“As a teacher, it is my responsibility and my duty to guide my pupils to be self-directed learners, active contributors and strong thinkers. I hope to inspire my pupils with my passion and have strong partnerships with their parents.”

Tel ext: 292

Mdm Sheeja V Pillai

“I believe that my role as an educator is to empower our pupils so that they can achieve their goals. They need to see failure not as an obstacle but a pathway to progress. I look forward to working with my pupils to help shape their dreams.”

Ext: 210

Mdm Siti Idzmaidar Binte Amir Wahid

“In a classroom that instils a caring, safe and respectful environment, every student can blossom and grow. I believe that by engaging my students in meaningful learning experiences and guiding them through with the right values, they will grow to be motivated learners who are responsible, compassionate and have good self-awareness of their own strengths and potential.”

Tel ext: 231

Mdm Siti Wahida Binte Zainal Abidin

“Education empowers individuals in ways we can never imagine. I want to engage my pupils meaningfully so that they can become confident and well-respected individuals.”

Ext: 222

 Sonika Kaur Dhaliwal Mdm Sonika Kaur Dhaliwal

“I believe that every child is a seed waiting to bloom. It is my duty to provide the guidance, academic rigor, care and love to see each of my pupils transform into a beautiful flower standing tall in its full glory. “

Tel ext: 206

Mr Teo Nam Hua, Mark

“Purpose makes learning meaningful. My goal is to guide pupils to see the present and future purposes in their lives. By inculcating values, I hope to enable them to make good decisions.”

Tel ext: 212

Ms Ting See Yiing

“I believe that every child can learn. As a teacher, I will help my students to reach their full potential by leading and inspiring them so that they can be the best they can be.”

Tel ext: 255

Mr Vincent Soh Boon Yew

“I believe in providing children with a holistic learning experience where they gain knowledge and skills on how to develop a good character and become a good person who can contribute to the society. I also believe that learning has to be meaningful so that the learners will see connection to what they have learnt to their daily lives.”

Tel ext: 232

Ms Wang Wan

“I believe every student has the capability to learn. Determination and perseverance are keys to learning. I hope to motivate my students in continuous learning in classrooms and beyond.”

Tel ext: 267

Mdm Wong King Sing

“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education. My aim is to help students reach their full potential academically and develop a strong moral compass.”

Tel ext: 271

wong-seh-lin Miss Wong Seh Lin

“I believe every child is unique and special. As a teacher, I have the privilege to lead pupils in developing positive characters and help them in exploring their own talents. With the positive traits and knowledge that they have learnt, they will be able to contribute to society in future. “

Ext: 269

Mrs Marie Ow Yong

“Education to me is not just about excelling academically but also developing children holistically and their characters to ensure that they are able to succeed in life. It is my mission to develop my students so that they can realise their fullest potential.”

Tel ext: 203

Mrs Stephanie Ong Qian Hui

“I truly believe that every child is capable of reaching their potential in everything that they do with proper guidance. I aim to equip students with not only knowledge and skills, but also with love, empathy and kindness, so that they may succeed in life while experiencing real joy.”

Tel ext: 217

Miss You Xueli

“Childhood is precious and children spend a lot of time at school. I will do my best in guiding my pupils to learn, grow and achieve the best that they can. I hope that in the future, they can look back and say, “I had a great time in school!” ”  

Ext: 234

Mr Zabar Abuyamin Bin Mohammad Akbar

“As shapers of the future, teachers hold the key to unlocking our pupils’ potential, creativity and possibilities. We may not be able to download all that we know to our charges, but we can sprinkle and spark in them the seeds of creativity, and the thirst for knowledge. Teachers can blossom the potential pupils can achieve.”

Ext: 293