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e-Learning Day 2 @ FPS

The school will be having e-Learning Day 2 on Thursday, 27th July 2017.

This is only applicable to the Primary 1 to 5 pupils.

They will not report to school on that day.

They are expected to complete all online tasks assigned to them by Thursday, 27th July 2017, 2300hrs, on the school LMS portal from home at

Pupils will be given a task sheet on 25 July 2017 for them to follow to complete their online tasks successfully.

Details are as follow:

  • Subjects included: English, Mathematics, Mother Tongue and Science (P3 – P5)
  • Projected duration for completion of all assignments: 3 hours

(Pupils are strongly encouraged to take a short break after every 30 min of work.)

  • Helplines:
  1. MC Online – call: 6777 5198 (7am – 9pm) or email:
  2. School – call: 6578 9555 (ext 228) for Mr Ahmad Hakim (LMS Coordinator)
                   (8.00am to 1.30pm)


Student's login account:

   Username    fps(Last 6 characters of BC Number)
   BC Number: T1012345Z
   Username: fps12345z
   School    fps
   Password    2017fps3

   (Applicable to all pupils from 21 July 2017 onwards)